How to find yourself and secure work whileliving abroad?

The situation has forced you to leave your country, and the process of adaptation truly terrifies you. You’re essentially starting everything from scratch – looking for housing, work, schools for children, and handling documents. There are many people in the situation of forging new paths, having decided to leave their homeland for various reasons – now they can pass on…

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How to work safely during the holidays?

Holidays are not only a time for relaxation but also a great opportunity to take up temporary work. For this purpose, young people are increasingly deciding to travel abroad. They want to combine exploring the world with earning money, which is a great idea provided they prepare themselves properly for the trip. Before embarking on a journey abroad for work…

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Is working as a senior caregiver a good idea fora summer job?

Holidays are not just a time for relaxation but also a great opportunity to earn extra money. We are often eager to work in industries such as gardening, gastronomy, or tourism, but it is also worth considering employment in care and becoming, for example, a senior caregiver in Germany. Caregivers from Poland are not only welcome there but also in…

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