Pomeranian Branch of Bravecare led by Angelika Brzostek

Pomeranian branch of Bravecare

Bravecare has several branches. One of them is the one located in Pomerania, specifically in Reda. There are three of us working here. Each of us is different, but we have one thing in common – the desire to help others.

Sabina Duda and Beata Blazejczyk are also working with me. In this lineup we have been working for quite a long time. We know each other, we help each other, although each of us has her own responsibilities we complement each other. We always act quickly, expecting positive results.

Every day we are ready to take another bold action.


The biggest challenge and, at the same time, success for us as coordinators is to choose the right person, to match the caregiver appropriately to the needs of the client, the family, to the specific home and its customs.

Actually, every day in our work brings many challenges.

Success story

I remember getting a call during the pandemic from a lady who got the number for Bravecare from one of the Caregivers. She found herself in an extremely difficult situation at the time. Well, the company she was traveling with for the assignment called her at the last minute, telling her to get off the bus because they would not pay for it and the assignment was no longer valid. By the same token, I want to emphasize that this Caregiver was already in Germany. Next to her, in the bus sat one of the ladies, who, willingly or unwillingly, became a witness to this situation.

“I’ll help you,” she said, “after all, you won’t be left alone abroad now, without money.

She called us right away. Literally in one day we found a suitable assignment for her. We had only 8 hours to find her a job.

Both ladies took a quick photo for a resume at one of the bus stop stations. Now in hindsight I feel tremendous pride that we made it, then? Then there was tremendous stress, time pressure, the desire to help, to find a suitable and, above all, good place.

Our job is to assess the situation and make the right decision even under time pressure. Such situations are complicated because we act “on the spot”, we don’t know the sitter personally, and our job is to verify her resume, references, talk to her, sometimes several times, about her past experience, qualifications, expectations and needs. Nonetheless, we enjoy such challenges, we always remember them well, because then we feel that what we are doing makes sense, because we can really help someone.

Quality comes first

I would say that the most important thing for us is quality. This is the main value that we follow in our work at Bravecare. My team and I make sure that the Caregivers whose services we offer to our clients are empathetic, trustworthy, qualified, and able to communicate with the client, family and others in the new environment in any situation.

This requires special qualities; openness, sincerity, the basis of which is the ability to communicate effectively, constructively. A caregiver often has to deal with situations bordering on life and death; in order to be able to be a support for someone in such moments, one needs good contact with oneself, with one’s emotions, maturity, but also, and perhaps above all, so humanly speaking, a good heart.

Daily life in the work of the Coordinator

The work of a Coordinator is a big responsibility – at least I see it that way. We often face stressful situations; we are, as a team, ready to help solve problems, while keeping in mind both the welfare and safety of our charges and the comfort of our Caregivers.

Many people have been working with us since our inception in 2016. Long acquaintance results in trust and sincerity. We highly value our Caregivers and Caregivers, so we do our best to make them work well with us. If these people are satisfied in the workplace, a smile comes to our faces as well. All of this directly affects the quality of care provided and, as a result, the better mental and physical state of the client and his family. I see us – Bravecare as a company that helps others; we improve the quality of life not only for the elderly or dependent, but also for their families. This is truly rewarding. Knowing this, our daily activities take on a deeper meaning. From here, too, we would like to thank everyone who has put their trust in us. We encourage you to join our Bravecar team family!