Course for caregivers of the elderly

“Bravecare APS, in partnership with the Institute for Quality and Innovation in Home Care (iQH), is offering free professional education!

The course has been prepared for care personnel providing services in the home environment. It includes knowledge of medicine, nursing, psychology, as well as practical care issues.

Learning takes place online, at your own pace, in various languages (choice of Polish, German, Russian and Croatian).

The scope of the certification is 8 Modules; 80 h of theory and as much as 320 h of practice (field trip):


Module 1

Basic knowledge of diseases and disabilities, forms of treatment and care of people requiring care. Dementia, mental illness (e.g., depression) and other mental disabilities. (28h)

Module 2

Perceptions of the social environment and the existing need for help and support. Activities related to the living situation of the person in need of care and his/her social environment, and a discussion of possible counseling and support services offered by social facilities. (8h)

Module 3

Dealing with people in need of care, acquiring interpersonal competence, dealing with behavioral problems such as aggression and resistance.

In addition to basic knowledge of care needs, knowledge and skills are trained in performing daily support activities, improving quality of life, coping with resistance, as well as the topic of spirituality/religiosity. (14h)

Module 4

Communication and interviewing.

Shaping observation and perception skills that are particularly useful for supporting those who cannot (anymore) express themselves linguistically. (6h)

Module 5

Self-management in the context of volunteering, including reflection and exchange of views on one's own role and experience gained through volunteering. (8h)

Module 6

Cooperation between full-time employees and volunteers in the framework of competence development, cooperation with relatives. (4h)

Module 7

Ways and opportunities to care and organize activities for the wards, content related to the household, opportunities to accompany and support the wards. (12h)

Module 8

Methods and opportunities for care and activities.

Care and companionship of seniors, general safety rules, hygiene, first aid issues, general home care issues. (12h)

Each module ends with a short test. At the end, you have to answer summary questions. All answers are checked by competent people with medical training.

As part of the course credit, an assignment trip is required to put into practice the knowledge gained. The course can be started and continued already during the assignment, in parallel, thus reducing the time to receive the certificate.

The course is free of charge for caregivers. We are committed to qualified personnel, so we place great emphasis on training, courses, experience and knowledge.

We encourage you to apply to Bravecare for work and the above-described substantive skills course in theory and practice for caregivers of the elderly and sick.


We invite you to apply to your coordinators at Bravecare for the certified course for caregivers of the elderly.