Working safely at BraveCare

Safety is our priority.

We constantly ensure safe working conditions for our employees. We not only offer you satisfying work but also provide the assistance and support of our professional team.


Individuals seeking work abroad independently expose themselves to dangerous situations

Here are the most common ones:

Human trafficking – a criminal activity.

Dishonest companies often exploit the situation of people who, for various reasons, have found themselves in a difficult life/financial situation. It happens that by promising attractive remuneration and development prospects, they can manipulate them and deceitfully force them to work in difficult and dangerous conditions
Unchecked, dishonest employers who violate the declared commitments before leaving. Upon arrival, it turns out that the duties are different from those agreed upon, there is no provided medical care, work schedule, or breaks for rest. It happens that deceived individuals work for 12 or more hours a day without receiving any compensation in return.
Taking up work "under the table" if no agreement is signed, one cannot use public health services, there is no protection in the form of a Polish company (which will react and organize help and/or safe transportation home at any time), or any person who will provide assistance on-site. Providing work without an agreement exposes you to serious legal consequences.

In the media, we find many dramatic cases of people who went abroad seeking a better future and ended up in places resembling forced labor camps or brothels. Unfortunately, such situations still occur in civilized countries with
strong laws and police services.

How to avoid the above situations? How to recognize potential signals threatening our safety and sometimes life in advance?

When looking for work abroad for the first time, you should be cautious, use common sense, and remember that there are many job offers available.

Individuals seeking legal employment as caregivers for the elderly and/or dependent
individuals, before using the services of intermediary companies, should unconditionally check the following issues:


It is necessary to verify the entry in the Central Business Activity Register or in the National Court Register..


A properly concluded agreement results in the company's obligation to pay social security (including retirement) and health insurance contributions to the Social Insurance Institution (ZUS).


Sending completed original questionnaires by families is in favor of the company; it provides the opportunity to choose the assignment that suits us best.


The employer should provide a certified A1 document from Social Insurance Institution (ZUS), confirming legal work abroad. If the company does not send the A1 document, it is another significant warning signal.


A recruitment announcement without the company's registered address, containing only a mobile number, is an alarm signal! In the event of a dispute with the employer, we will not be able to determine their place of operation, and debt collection will be impossible or very difficult and time-consuming. There are cases of companies not paying wages that cannot be located.


Signing documents does not have to take place at the company's headquarters, but you must carefully read the contract details, paying particular attention to: the period of employment, the place of work, its type, and the amount of remuneration.


It is worth gathering opinions about the future employer; helpful in this regard are acquaintances, social media, and groups bringing together caregivers (pages from trusted sources).


The employer should provide the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC), confirming the right to use necessary health services at the expense of the National Health Fund during a temporary stay in another EU/EFTA member state. When using the EHIC abroad, remember that you are subject to obligations and enjoy rights arising from the legislation of the EU/EFTA member state on the same terms as the insured in that country. When going to the doctor, make sure that they operate within the public healthcare system of the given country.

• Lawyer

If you have legal questions and doubts related to
your employment, write specific questions to the
email address:

• Nurse

Don't know how to react in a particular case or
how to help the care recipient? Want to enrich your knowledge in the field of caregiving? Write

• Psychologist

Work performed far from family and home can
be mentally exhausting. It is worth seeking help
from a specialist in such cases. You can write to
our psychologist:

In summary

Do not act in haste. Especially if you are in a bad financial and life situation, be even more cautious not to worsen the situation. Check before signing the contract.