From the owners

“Establishing Bravecare in 2016, we did not know that in a few years we would employ nearly 1000 people. Nor did we have the ambition to claim that we are, or will be, the best. It is not for us to judge ourselves. We focused on building the company in a way that immediately placed factors in its foundations that would increase the likelihood of being seen as a reliable, honest, and responsible employer. The most important thing for us was the selection of the right people who work at the company’s headquarters in Warsaw and its branches. When you have the right people, there are no unsolvable cases, no problems that prevent you from sleeping. Instead, there are opportunities and there is development. There is certainty and peace. Procedures can be improved, and employees competencies can be developed. We listen to both positive and negative feedback about us. The former gives us energy for further efficient work, the latter serves to improve the quality of our actions. Every day, we learn from each other. Stay with us and give us suggestions on how we can improve. Contact us if you want to earn with us. The care industry has a future, and together we are part of it. So, how can we help you?”
Management and Owners of the Company.

Company History

2016 – present

For over 7 years, we have been providing highly qualified home care to thousands of families. We are currently one of the largest, most recognizable, and esteemed companies in the caregiving industry. Our priorities: the quality and effectiveness of our intermediary services have led many clients to stay with us since the beginning of our operations. They recommend collaborating with us, spreading the word about the Bravecare brand – a trustworthy partner worldwide. The high level of service directly influences the safety and comfort of our charges. From the beginning, we have been mainly present in the German market, but every year we seek new opportunities and collaborations in other European countries, including France, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Denmark, and others. The growing demand for caregiving services associated with the ongoing aging of the population in Europe encourages us to gradually open new branches in Poland and abroad.