I’m looking for caregiving staff: We guarantee professional selection of staff after a thorough analysis of the needs of the care recipient. We provide substitutes in case the expectations of the family and care recipient are not met. Our Coordinators provide support throughout the duration of the contract. Every collaborator is employed legally and has insurance coverage.

I’m looking for a job: Above all, we guarantee transparent working conditions, legal employment, delegation based on document A1, European insurance – EKUZ, high earnings, and 24-hour Coordinator assistance. We have subcontractors who help us with recruitment and employment.

Contact us through the most convenient channel for you: by phone, email, through the form on the website, or via Messenger on our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/Bravecarepl/, which redirects to a chatbot enabling the completion of a quick survey. We will call you back at the provided number, answer all your questions, explain the terms of cooperation, and find the most advantageous solution for you.

Current job offers are posted daily on Facebook in caregiver groups, on Branch profiles, and on Coordinator profiles. To quickly find job offers, just enter the keyword “Bravecare” in the Facebook search engine.

We organize transport in the smallest detail – transportation “from door to door”. When going to an assignment, you board at your home and disembark at the home of the German family where you will be working. The return journey is the same: departure from the home of the German family and direct travel to your place of residence.

The first point of contact is the Coordinator assigned to you, who provides support at every stage. In emergency situations, our Lawyer is also at your disposal.

From the start of the assignment, every person is enrolled in insurance with ZUS and NFZ. ZUS
contributions are paid in the middle of the month following the payment of the remuneration.

Payments are made on a monthly basis, in EUR or PLN currency.

Of course, Bravecare offers various opportunities for professional development.
Details are provided by the Coordinator.