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Guaranteed safety thanks to the knowledge and experience of the caregiving staff.


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Live-in Care Service and Full-Day Care


Individual plans and continuous care programs

Assistance in organizing and implementing the daily plan


Mobilization activities

Planning activities and accompanying in common activities


Home assistance

Support in daily household activities: cleaning, shopping, etc.


Analiza potrzeb

Wyślemy do Ciebie ankietę do wypełnienia, żeby poznać Twoje potrzeby 

Dobór personelu

Po analizie potrzeb i oczekiwań poszukujemy odpowiedniej osoby

Podpisanie umowy

Wyślemy do Ciebie umowę do podpisania, która będzie podstawą naszej współpracy


W ustalonym terminie zorganizujemy transport do miejsca zamieszkania seniora


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Needs analysis

We will send you a questionnaire to fill out to
understand your needs

Staff selection

After analyzing your needs and expectations, we
will find the right person to care for your loved one

Signing the contract

We will send you a contract to sign, which will
be the basis of our cooperation


At the agreed time, we will arrange
transportation for our employee to the senior's
place of residence

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We provide our caregivers with:

High earnings
Convenient transportation
Permanent insurance
Additional bonuses
Attractive assignments
Necessary training
Transparent contract
Care and support
Continuous legal assistance

We support you throughout our cooperation

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    Agency for elderly care abroad – Bravecare

    The populations of many European countries are aging at such a rapid pace that an increasing number of people are advanced in age, crossing the 70-year barrier. This poses a huge challenge not only to the pension insurance system or health care. Many seniors are struggling with various diseases and illnesses, losing their ability to function independently. So they rely on the help of relatives. Unfortunately, relatives do not always live close enough to adequately care for an infirm family member. Then there is nothing left to do but to use the services of qualified caregivers/caregivers for the elderly.

    Bravecare agency provides professional care for dependent, sick, elderly and disabled people. We offer fully legal work in Germany for people who are understanding and patient, empathetic and sensitive to the suffering of others. We are looking for communicative and responsible employees who are committed to their duties and are willing to constantly improve themselves, for example by learning German.

    Agency for caregivers of the elderly Bravecare

    Our employees can count on a number of benefits: earnings in line with their qualifications, additional bonuses and loyalty programs, and transparent contract terms. The caregiver/caregiver of the elderly in Germany receives access to the necessary professional training, legal support and personnel assistance, as well as permanent insurance – both within the European Union and for the duration of their stay in Poland. Transportation to the place of work and return is provided.

    We know that caring for the elderly in Germany can be aggravating and stressful, so we guarantee ongoing support and psychological assistance at every stage of cooperation with Bravecare. We carefully select employees, investing in their professional development. We provide access to an e-learning platform for learning German for beginners. You can contact us: by phone, email, through the form on the website or Messenger on our Facebook page. We will answer any questions and select a suitable assignment.

    Care for the elderly in Germany – what is worth knowing?

    The agency of caregivers for elderly people offers legal employment and the assistance of a dedicated coordinator. It is with them that you should contact first if an unexpected or dangerous situation arises while performing the assignment. Payment of the salary occurs on a monthly basis, in euros or PLN. We do not charge any fees from our employees.

    A caregiver for elderly people abroad performs previously agreed-upon duties. They support the care recipient in their daily functioning. They ensure regular meal times, maintain impeccable hygiene, and also assist with dressing and shopping. Additionally, they provide companionship to the senior and organize their free time. If you are empathetic, well-organized, and responsible, we would gladly cooperate with you. Contact Bravecare agency today.