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Home care services take place in the home environment of the person in need, allowing them to continue living in their own home, participating in family life, and meeting with friends. For many people, this is a crucial aspect that contributes to improving their well-being and has a positive impact on their psychophysical condition.


The need for long-term care poses a significant challenge, not only for those affected by illness but also for all family members. Organizing and combining caregiving activities with professional work and personal commitments can be exhausting. Thanks to round-the-clock staff, family members not only receive relief from daily responsibilities but also have the assurance that the senior is well cared for and safe.


Assistance with daily activities; personal hygiene, dressing, meal consumption, etc.


Companionship, entertainment, joint activities; accompanying  during visits to the doctor or
 visits to family and friends.


Assistance with household chores; maintaining cleanliness and order at home, shopping for groceries, meal preparation.

Why choose our offer?

In well-known agencies such as Bravecare APS, the initiation of care can be implemented in a very short time. We can guarantee care that meets your requirements within 5-7 working days. We carefully select staff and take care of all formalities.

The scope of work does not have to be limited to caring for seniors. Employing staff can also be useful in cases of sudden loss of mobility, during rehabilitation, after illness, or accidents.

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Who is suitable for round-the-clock care? If you answer affirmatively to at least one of the following questions, the use of round-the-clock care may be necessary.

Our advantages:

High-quality care
No additional fees
Years of experience
Legality of care
Individual consultations with the legal department
Support throughout the duration of the contract
Competent handling of contract negotiations
Immediate assistance from the coordinator in difficult situations
Detailed analysis of the client's needs
Individual and flexible care plan
Preliminary staff selection
Arranging substitutes for leave or absence due to illness
Regular quality controls
Affordable price
Cost transparency