History of Plock Branch – meet Karolina Nowicka

I have been working as an Elderly Coordinator for over 6 years. During this time, I have met many Caregivers, many different lives and stories. Together with my team, with each day of this work we gain experience; we witness and participate in the daily life of our Caregivers. Through this, we learn more about ourselves and our colleagues; we explore both our capabilities and limitations.

The job of Coordinator of the elderly is responsible and demanding, but at the same time extremely rewarding. I think that fulfillment in life and work leads precisely by overcoming these difficulties. I know that I have a real opportunity to help others and this not only motivates me in my daily efforts, but simply makes me happy.

My resume also includes experience working as a Caregiver for the elderly. I think it’s because of these experiences that it’s easier for me to understand the challenges that our care staff face every day. I am fully aware of how difficult and aggravating this work can be, which is why I am so keen to make sure that my actions are effective, helpful.

I am proud to work in this profession, at Bravecare, an established company. I know that every day I contribute to improving the lives of the elderly. This gives me a sense of meaning and is very important to me.

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