Is working as a senior caregiver a good idea fora summer job?

Holidays are not just a time for relaxation but also a great opportunity to earn extra money. We are often eager to work in industries such as gardening, gastronomy, or tourism, but it is also worth considering employment in care and becoming, for example, a senior caregiver in Germany. Caregivers from Poland are not only welcome there but also in high demand. Is this a good idea for summer, for example, for students?

Working as a caregiver for the elderly should be considered for several reasons:

It is seasonal work – assignments typically last 2-3 months, which is the duration of summer vacation. Taking up this job, we do not have to worry about accommodation as this work is combined with lodging and meals. If we want to improve our German – this will be guaranteed in this job – we have to communicate with our charges in this language. We will see the country – during free days, we will be able to explore the area and take advantage of attractions nearby. The role of a caregiver is associated with getting to know other people, so we will learn a lot about building relationships and test ourselves in various situations. It is well-paid work – if we use the services of a job agency, we can be sure that we will achieve our financial goals – in case of any difficulties, the agency will find us a new assignment and we will maintain continuity of employment. We will gain valuable life experience.

Who will be the ideal caregiver?

What should an ideal senior caregiver be like? Are there any special characteristics that predispose one to take on this role? Jarosław Dobrowolski, who serves as a coordinator at Bravecare, a company that mediates between employers in Germany and Polish caregivers, lists what makes some people more attracted to this profession than others.

The ideal senior caregiver is:

Empathetic – understanding what the other person feels is the key to good care.

Sensitive – because they feel more, see the world in full, and can empathize with others’ situations.

Honest – they enter the world of their charges and must gain their trust. Honesty is, therefore, a crucial characteristic of the best caregivers – it helps build a healthy relationship.

Decisive – a trait that helps enforce what is necessary to solve emerging problems on an ongoing basis. It promotes decisiveness and responsibility in this demanding role.

Assertive – this is another skill of the best caregiver, the key to maintaining balance in the caregiver’s work. The ideal caregiver can set clear boundaries, take care of their needs, and separate duties from free time.

Focused on seeking solutions – this is important because work in this role can be surprising! Each day brings new surprises, and various problems arise – only an orientation towards solutions will allow for proper execution of this work and will enable satisfaction to be derived from it.

Responsible for what they do – this is a person who thinks and checks, can look at different things more broadly. Working in care is working with another person – it always requires responsibility.

Curious about the world – another trait that will be useful in this profession. The ideal caregiver wants to explore the world, is curious about people, their stories. They can listen and observe, draw conclusions, and constantly want to develop. This approach is essential in the work of caring for the elderly – especially if we take on this role in another country.

People-loving – this is the whole secret of perfect caregivers. If you wake up in the morning and feel like smiling at your charges, if you approach them with kindness, try to understand them, ease conflicts, and listen – the role of a caregiver is for you.

Finally, organized, as working in chaos is something that is more likely to hinder this work. Order, organization, the ability to get into the rhythm of the house where you work – this will certainly help! It is also good to have order in your head – it promotes the separation of engaging caregiver work from one’s private life.

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